GATE 2019: 5 Things To Keep In Mind To Avoid Common Mistakes During Exam

IT Madras will organise GATE 2019 from Monday as an entrance test for PG admissions

GATE 2019: 5 Things To Keep In Mind To Avoid Common Mistakes During Exam

IIT Madras will organise GATE 2019 from tomorrow as an entrance test for admissions in post graduate courses in prestigious science and technology higher educational institutions in the country. “Throughout the preparation phase of the exam, candidates must go through various strategies, tips and tricks and learn about the experiences shared by other candidates in order to score better,” says Dr. Susheel Joshi, SVP (Academic) at Gradeup.

According to Dr Joshi, more often than not, in the midst of preparation, aspirants forget about a few simple tricks that can help them score better.

Here he suggests 5 certain things to keep in mind to avoid common mistakes which are committed during the exam. This check-list will make sure you are exam ready for GATE 2019:

1. Reading each question & its options carefully

Under the pressure to succeed, candidates sometimes do not read the complete question and its options carefully, especially in case of easy questions. While solving an easy question, make sure you check other options even if your answer matches with the provided option. In most cases, the first option is wrong but candidates tend to think the first option is correct. Therefore, it is advised to read all the options and double check your solution.

2. Ignoring the units asked in questions

Try to pay close attention to the units of numerical values asked in the questions. The questions are framed in such a way that the value provided and the required answer have different units. Although candidates solve all questions correctly, they do not score marks due to errors in the units of the answers.

3. Usage of Scientific calculator

Since 2016, a scientific calculator has been provided on the computer screen to all candidates appearing for the exam. This means that physical calculators are not needed anymore. Make sure you use this calculator during the preparation phase, so you have enough practice before the exam. Virtual calculators are easy to operate, although candidates must familiarise themselves with its operations and should be comfortable using it.

4. Answer Input in NAT (Numerical Answer Type) Questions

NAT questions are an important part of the GATE exam as they test the comprehensive understanding of each subject along with its concepts. The tricky part of a NAT question is that candidates have to input the answer using a virtual keypad provided on the screen. Usually during preparation phase and while attempting mock tests, values can be entered through the physical keyboard. So candidates should be very careful while using the virtual on screen keypad, especially while entering the negative signs (-), decimals (.) in the values of numerical answers.

5. Revising complete syllabus in last minutes before exam

Much like their graduation exams, engineers generally have a habit of revising every concept covered during their 4-5 months preparation in a single day before the exam. It is usually not advisable to leave all preparation for the last few hours and feel stressed. Try to wrap up all revision, practice and analysis at least 12 hours before the exam. Candidates should make sure they sleep soundly and appear fresh and well-rested at the exam centre.