CBSE schools not to allow Subject Change in 10th and 12th Class, Board issues SOPs, guidelines

CBSE Board has asked schools affiliated with it to not allow or entertain subject change requests by students in Class 10 and Class 12. The directive in this regard was issued to all the affiliated schools by the Board which instructed schools to not entertain subject change in 10th and 12th Class on account of parents or students making their own study arrangements. In addition to this, CBSE Board has also issued SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures for the schools that will help them deal with the requests for subject change in 10th and 12th Class.

The directive issued by CBSE Board also said that the Class 10 and 12 should be treated by schools, students and parents like a two year course. The board asked schools to counsel students to choose the right subjects in Class 9 and Class 11 which they will continue for their Board Exam years i.e. in Class 10 and Class 12 as well.

Addressing the issue, a senior official from CBSE Board said that, every year, several apply for subject change request during the important Board Exam year on various grounds. However, now, following the issuance of guidelines by CBSE in this regard, any request for change in subject during 10th and 12th Class will be accepted only if made before 15th July of the academic session. Additionally, the Board has also issued guidelines and SOPs to the schools to streamline the process of subject change.

No Subject Change Despite Own Study Arrangement

Every year, CBSE received many applications form students and parents for subject change, in which they claim to, make the necessary arrangements for studying the new subject. However, going forward, such requests will be rejected by schools in line with the new guidelines. The directive also says that now with almost all the subjects have internal assessment, CBSE schools have to gauge performance of the students throughout the year and provide a report to the Board at the end of it.

Provide Documents Supporting Subject Change Request

The new guidelines issues by CBSE also has asked parents and students to provide necessary documents supporting the reason quoted by them for the change of subject in Class 10 and Class 12.

Schools to Analyse Subject Change Request

Furthermore, CBSE has also called upon the schools to analyse subject change requests at an individual level and see whether the request for subject change is genuine. The schools will also look at the students’ performance in the Class 9 and Class 11 to understand if the student will be able to cope up with the change of subject in the important year of Board exams.