CBSE may conduct Practical exams externally in Board exams, Sends notices to school

Education sector has been witnessing changes in the recent era and there have been many efforts in this direction. The government has been trying its best to improve the standards of education in the country. School education has been of utmost importance and the government has been putting efforts in this direction.

In a recent development, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been planning to conduct the practical exams externally. It is known to us that CBSE conducts the Board practical exams at the home centers itself. As the theory papers are conducted externally, the practical exams may also be conducted externally by the Board. In this regard, the board has issued a notice to all the affiliated schools. In this notice, the board has mentioned that the schools that are affiliated with the Board may be used as the centre for the Board Exam.

The board has been trying to make some new changes in the conduction of the practical exams. Also, there may be some changes in the marking system of the practical exams. If the reports are to believed, then the board may issue different admit cards for the theory exam and practical exam to the students. The students have to carry the separate admit cards for the theory exams and practical exams at the time of the exam.

The Board has sent a notice to all the affiliated schools and asked them to provide all the details as mentioned in the enclosed proforma for the conduct of Practical exam 2020. The schools have to reply the notice within 10 days to the board. Once the board receives all these details, then it will decide suitably on this.